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Design 101: What's Design, and Who are Designers?

Adele Peters

What's design? There's a great quote from John Heskett in this review of Alice Rawsthorn's new book (also quoted in the book itself): “Design is to design a design to produce a design.” True, but not necessarily that helpful. Defining design is a perennial argument in the design world, and there probably are no right answers. But Rawsthorn's book, "Hello World: Where Design Meets Life" might help non-designers get a better understanding, covering everything from IDEO to dog breeding.

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  • Patrick McDonnellPatrick McDonnell

    Adele, looks like the link is broken. I'm getting a 'Page Not Found' message.

    • Adele PetersAdele Peters

      Thanks, Patrick, and sorry about that- just updated the link!