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Designers Make Furniture From Sandy Debris For Reclaim NYC Benefit Auction


Calling all designers: If you’re in New York and you spot a fine piece of abandoned wood, don’t let it go to waste. It may have the makings of a chair, table, or sleek tchotchke that design-minded New Yorkers will shell out hard cash for in an upcoming Reclaim NYC auction that will benefit victims of Hurricane Sandy.

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  • Mangult Henry

    Well thought of and meaningful. It practically kills two birds with one stone, which the birds are recycling and helping out victims of Hurricane Sandy. One thing I like about goods being made from recycled materials is that they are often like a mosaic, where its pattern or design is one of its kind and such design is timeless as each and every one would be unique to its designer. Like what the post says, the abandoned woods could turn out to become unique chairs and tables or even catering equipment like utensils with wooden handles. These objects are a necessity and often in hire so no doubt people would purchase them not to mention it is to a good cause.
    Mangult Henry