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Detroit Public Schools Using School Gardens to Promote Curiosity and Healthy Eating


"The garden at the Frederick Douglass Academy all-boys school started with a question. One that hit the boys in the ego.
Math teacher Marquita Reese asked her students why she — an older, female, vegetarian, marathoner could outrun the spry middle and high school boys.
“They couldn’t explain it,” she said. “We got into a discussion about nutrition.”
Pretty soon, boys who initially thought gardening was for girls were growing vegetables on the campus..."

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  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    Really cool that a lesson like this inspired kids to act and garden- and defy gender stereotypes. I wonder if there were more interactive spaces like gardens in schools, if it would inspire kids to think differently. Classroom design is really thought-through in pre-schools, but seems to drop off in middle school and high school!