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Do you know a good storytelling-project?

Emmy Laura Perez Fjalland

I need your good, clever and creative minds: In relation to my master thesis I’m working with storytelling in urban planning.
> As a start storytelling is understood in its broad sense: the use of film, pictures, happenings, words, interventions etc.
> It has to be a project where the storytelling helped people change behaviour or think differently about a place, people or phenomenon.
> The project should be used as part of a bigger process or/and as a result of a process.

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  • Doris YeeDoris Yee

    You should look into the sagas that are on Cowbird. While I think the terminology may have change, Cowbird used to email its community to submit stories and photos to a theme...before anything would go live, they would collect from members for about two weeks before blasting the web about these collections. From "Occupy" to "Love", these sagas represent many pieces of a whole.

    I think maybe also googling "interactive web documentaries" might pull up some interesting online projects when it comes to action-oriented narratives.