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Do you work for A B Corp? How do you REALLY Feel?

Chris Marshall

The latest B Corporation survey of top B Corps to work for has just come out. You can see the list of the top 10% of B Corps to work for on the B Corporation website. If you work for a B Corp - I want to know a) why do you work for them? b) is working for a B Corp really different from other small companies in that sector? c) How could it be better?

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  • Arielle Egozi

    I work for a company that is in the process of becoming B certified - Therafitshoe.com - we're pretty much all girls that make up the office, really flexible work hours, especially for all the moms, and we get lots of shoes! The culture is pretty horizontal, and everyone is really encouraged to speak up and voice their opinions. We're constantly working with non-profits and females who have spearheaded their way into their industry to line our brand up against, which I have found benefits both parties through double exposure. Other small businesses may have a similar culture, however because our company has these goals in mind - to remain a sustainable and viable business, as well as offer support and partnership with different communities, I feel that it lends itself towards creating a certain kind of foundation. Even if our company should expand exponentially, these principles would remain at the core.