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Dominic Sandoval dressed up as a superhero to help the homeless


Who would take the time out of there life just to help homeless? Dominic Sandoval thought he could make a change and help people out. I thought this was very touching just for the simple fact that he went out of his way. Sometimes when I see a homeless person in need, if I have the money or snacks I just give it to them cause I know I can get more.

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  • Jessica De Jesus

    I love that it's Dominic from So You Think You Can Dance! It's great to see how a dancer from SYTYCD can carry out such positivity beyond the show.

  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    I think it's sweet that he is being generous, but I don't think he needs to dress up. Being himself is important, and equally as effective. I think when people use the super hero image as a way to help others, it makes people think that only superheroes can do great things. Everyone can do awesome stuff. I DO think though that this super hero approach to giving kids with cancer their medicine was a great way to help those kids think of their medicine in another way: http://www.good.is/posts/a-superformula-to-help-kids-fight-cancer


      yea he was being very generous theres really not so many people around here that are that kind. Its was very sweet of him. Your right he should just be himself he just thought it was a good idea. He probably did that because he likes iron man and the things he was giving out he liked as well. But people have different ways of expression themselves.