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Apparently Mexico City is No Place for Dogs?

Alessandra Rizzotti

Dog kidnapping is a huge problem in Mexico. Criminal gangs will threaten pet owners, hoping that their emotional attachment will generate a profitable ransom. Mariam Luzcan is a dog advocate who drives her "canine car" around the city. Opposite of animal control, she's taking a brave step against Mexican gangs. It's sad to wonder where these dogs will end up, and if they'll ever see their owners again.

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9 people think this is good

    geetha bhageeee1976 gods kirthi Ebin Raj singaravelu Zachary Slobig Adele Peters Alessandra Rizzotti

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  • B0bsm0mB0bsm0m

    I was wondering if someone can tell me more about this "canine car". I don't know what it does outside of being a cute alliteration. Does Mariam Luzcan own these dogs? Are they lost dogs up for adoption? Are these dogs that were kidnapped then dumped in the streets? Is it her answer to transporting dogs in Mexico City? Someone who has a better idea please tell me.

    • Alessandra RizzottiAlessandra Rizzotti

      I believe Mariam is doing a service by picking up strays. We really only know what is said in the Reuters photo series. We'll reach out to her and see what she has to say.

  • Brandie JuneBrandie June

    Unfortunately, Mexico has had a lot of bad press, and anything negative will get more attention. I think a lot of it tends to depend on where you go. Same as the US, there are places that are safer than others.

    And did anyone notice that Mariam Luzcan seems to be driving while there is a small dog standing on her dashboard? Or was the car still? That seems like it would be distracting.

  • Zachary SlobigZachary Slobig

    I think this report has just a bit too much of a tinge of south-of-the-border fear mongering. I spent four months traveling through Mexico recently and I never feared for my dog. She was pushing 16 years old though, so maybe those roving gangs of dognappers thought she wasn't worth the effort. I guess I shouldn't be traveling through Mexico right now with my 7 month old daughter either?

    • Alessandra RizzottiAlessandra Rizzotti

      Any kidnapping story is fear mongering, and I'm sure you're keeping your daughter safe, as all parents should. This story is just about dogs, however. So far the Mexican Canine Federation reported 50 canine kidnappings this year: http://www.fcmac.org.mx. Rossy Bernabé, director of the Committee for the Dignified Treatment of Animals, receives three reports of stolen dogs per month. Information is relative. If it's negative, it's going to be blown up a bit.