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  • Alessandra RizzottiAlessandra Rizzotti

    This is really interesting. Have you visited any of these pubs? I wonder if this is more about marketing than actual philanthropy?

    • Naomi StarkNaomi Stark

      Alessandra, firstly, thank you for your comment. Second, yes, I visited the philanthropub in D.C. and it was incredible. I think you raise a good point about these pubs' motivation--philanthropy or marketing--and I would say that they are not mutually exclusive; there is definitely good publicity coming out of this endeavor, however, they operate as an NFO, so the more revenue they receive, the more money is funneled through to various activist charities.

      The concept of the philanthropub is a new one, so time will tell whether they are good to their word or not--they did guarantee 100% transparency in their financial decisions, so fingers crossed they are good to their word!