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  • Liam Henry BildstenLiam Henry Bildsten

    I could see harassment becoming an issue with such a system, no doubt. There would have to be a strong certification system for scooter cab drivers to ensure passengers would be safe.

  • Esha  ShahEsha Shah

    Scooters are the best form of transport to travel small distance. I take public transport to work and seriously it sucks. Sometimes I reach 30 minutes early and sometimes I reach late.
    UCLA comes in my way to work and I have seen many students using Scooters as there form of transport. Scooter's are not popular in Los Angeles which is so called city of CAR's.But those students are becoming my inspiration to purchase a Scooter for me rather than a Car. I think scooter will be my best form of transport which wil save time and overflowing traffic.