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Elon Musk's Open-Source, Futuristic Public Transit: The Hyperloop

Adele Peters

Tesla CEO Elon Musk will soon reveal his design for the "Hyperloop," a completely different kind of ultra-fast, ultra-efficient transportation. Musk has been a little mysterious about the details, but compared it to a "cross between a Concorde and a railgun and an air hockey table" and said that building it would be much cheaper than high-speed rail. He'll be revealing the full design, open-source, in a few weeks.

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  • Zachary Slobig

    This sounds a little frightening, really. A series of pneumatic tubes to propel us 4,000 mile per hour? Brave new world, indeed.

    • Alessandra Rizzotti

      What would that do to our insides? Weird to ask but I just see a bunch of atrophied muscles for some reason.