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Embracing Leadership from Within

Bioneers Media

Many women don’t aspire to leadership because we’ve inherited a definition of the word that’s, at the least, conflicted, and, often, even an overt turn-off. Why stretch yourself to reach for a brass ring that you inwardly dislike, and that promises to make your life miserable? A new emergent style of leadership is formulating across the globe based upon the principal that leadership emerges from the inner work we do, and that we cannot influence change that we’ve not embodied ourselves.

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  • Bioneers MediaBioneers Media

    What a wonderful comment to receive. Thanks for taking a moment to let us know!

  • Mary SlossonMary Slosson

    This resonated with me very deeply. Especially this, which is absolutely true: "it is rare, in the inner story that we carry mostly unconsciously about leadership, that leaders can have a satisfying home life or family, or a creative life, or even good physical health." Thank you for sharing!