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Etsy and Twitter's Engineer Exchange Program

Katie Zhu

Twitter and Etsy are working together on a new project to help their engineers learn from the others’ practices, with the idea of making both engineering teams better as a result. "We hope to learn what makes each other tick, how we celebrate our successes and learn from our failures, and how we can each be better in the end"

This emphasis on cross-pollination of ideas and practices should extend beyond tech companies, and I think it's a pretty cool model to generalize.

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  • Douglas SellersDouglas Sellers

    The idea of an actual exchange program is really interesting. 1 week is fine. 3 months is better. I'm sure both sides are worried about poaching each other's engineers but i'm skeptical that their can be that much cross-pollination in 1 week. Still an amazing idea.

    • Doris YeeDoris Yee

      So dope. Carrying over the ideology of a student exchange program into a mature professional establishment has just peaked my interest. I agree - a one week workshop would be hardly beneficial (You'd already be on a flight home after the initial ice-breaking and test-drive). I could even see one month being a substantial amount if the projects/calendar outline were already in place. It would be cool if both teams were working on like-minded projects that mashed together at the end of the exchange.

    • ErreipErreip

      Re: Poaching...that's a good point. they really should have them sign some sort of legal document barring going to each other's company for a specific amount of time to prevent brain drain.