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Facial Recognition Billboard Only Lets Women See The Full Ad

Lindsey Smith

A new kind of outdoor advertisement is being trialled on Oxford Street in London’s West End. The interactive advertisement uses a high-definition camera to scan pedestrians and identify their gender before showing a specific ad. The built-in system has a 90 per cent accuracy rate. The display is set up by Plan UK, a not-for-profit organization that helps children in third-world countries. The purpose of this was to show men “a glimpse of what it’s like to have basic choices taken away.”

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  • AJ TitongAJ Titong

    I saw similar billboards specifically designed for children. The billboards are only meant for children to see and the message for the children was information on how to get help in cases of abuse. It's probably the same group making this ad.

    This is really interesting to me. On one hand, this style of advertisement is meant to help many people and to share information in a way that would help certain communities. However I can see this new form of media, collecting data without people knowing, as being an invasive act. Many companies are finding ways to collect data on people to do more targeted marketing, and this makes me wonder how people would feel if they knew they were being watched in a whole new light and using their information as a way to market to them. It's not like social media where people can opt-in or out, but this is an action people aren't quite informed on or have a choice to participate in.

    Sorry, if this sways away from the original message of this piece.