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  • Jackie RamirezJackie Ramirez

    Excellent Todd! Great share, have you heard of this happening elsewhere?

    • Todd TyrtleTodd Tyrtle

      I haven't (well, other than Alessandra's post below), but I feel like it is such a great idea. Startup costs are relatively low, and the good it can do is so large. I wouldn't be surprised to see it change.

      Here in Toronto, we still have mobile knife/shear sharpening trucks that meander through the neighbourhood ringing a telltale belthe only time you hear it is on these trucks). The fact that these still exist in this day and age shows that there's a demand for this. So I look at that, and at this article and wonder what else can we bring to communities simply by putting it on a truck or a small trailer?

    • Todd TyrtleTodd Tyrtle

      Wow, I hadn't heard about this at all! This is fantastic.