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  • Tippy Tippens

    I think this is my fave/ug: “Working with our brand butterfly and quadrant tools, we helped Univision understand how to modernize and diversify”

  • Jeff Nelder

    The Tumblr would be a lot more interesting if the posts showed up alongside the 'simpler' way to say these things. It's always tempting to critique technical language/jargon in design, marketing, etc...but the success/failure of the 'articulation' ultimately depends upon the audience. With most of the quotes on the Tumblr, a non-design/marketing/etc. consumer would be turned off- but an audience for design services might be intrigued...

  • Zachary Slobig

    hysterical. "The identity is based on the idea of three modalities as ways of two cultures as well as two histories interacting." Um, huh?