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Find a Wild Animal that Needs Help in Minnesota? What To Do.


In response to an abandoned baby fawn living on a small parcel of land between a major highway and Target parking lot in Minnesota, this Learn helps Minnesotans understand what they can do if they find a wild animal that may be injured, abandoned, or in danger. The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota will take in many types of mammals and birds (they do not take in deer). The MN DNR states that any person/farm etc. with a game/commercial license to handle deer can legally perform rehab.

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  • MackenzieMackenzie

    If you find an animal in trouble do what feels right and use caution, safety and READ/ASK safety instructions that animal organizations recommend to concerned, licensed citizens who want to handle a wild animal. If you find an abandoned or injured fawn/doe/deer, remember that all of us animals carry diseases and there are physical signs to recognize before handling any animal. It is a fine to remove a wild animal from any location without an applicable license/permit.