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Finland's Considering Coding Classes For K-12 Students

Liz Dwyer

"Kids today are growing up as natives to technology, and the sooner they get going, the better," says Alexander Stubb, Finland's minister of European affairs and foreign trade. That's why, says Stubb, Finland's considering adding coding to the K-12 curriculum. "We have a strong education system and rank among the top countries in both primary and secondary education, and we're always looking for new ways to innovate," he told Mashable.

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  • Agus EchagueAgus Echague

    FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! This makes me happy. I wish it could be spread to all countries!
    The only thing is that code is good not just for its relation to tech and computers, but also for the logic and frameworks. I wish I could have learnt code when I was a kid!!!!
    I hope that this is actually a mandatory subject....
    Have you checked this out? http://www.codecademy.com/