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Five Great Ideas on How We Can Tackle Global Poverty... Effectively

Mary Slosson

In the world of global health and development, the best solutions can be less than sexy, while quick, easy fixes are hollow at best and harmful at worst.

To help navigate the treacherous waters and donate money effectively to organizations with high impact, check out this guide to impactful interventions. De-worming pills might be less flashy than a pretty whistle, but they're far more effective at actually making a positive difference.

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    • Mary SlossonMary Slosson

      Seriously. Fun fact: a former GOOD employee co-authored "More Than Good Intentions" and it's an awesome read. Of course I also like that they're fans of the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative (as is GiveWell), as neglected tropical diseases are a topic I think should be much more widely covered.