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Five Reasons Why Kids Need to Play

Jackie Ramirez

In the U.S., "40 percent of elementary schools across the country have either cut back on recess or cut it out altogether." Psychologist Peter Gray says, when children play they "learn the most important of life’s lessons, the ones that cannot be taught in school." We're seeing less P.E. classes in schools because passing standardized tests is "more important". Here are reasons why we need to fight to bring back play for kids.

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  • Code StartCode Start

    This is excellent! By allowing the kids to play it releases more creativity through physical activity. There is more to life than "standardized testing" and kids need to experience that to be well rounded.

  • Kate PawelczykKate Pawelczyk

    The right to play is one of the key rights for children stated in the Convention on the Rights of the Child (which the US has not ratified) and it is a testament to the crucial role which play/recreation/sports have on the development of children.

    • Jackie RamirezJackie Ramirez

      Right you are Kate! Brain cells get stimulated with physical activity therefore helping them focus and pay attention in the classroom as well as stimulate their creativity. If schools were so concerned about passing standardized tests then active play should be part of the plan.