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Flavor Connector Infographic: Which Foods Have Most in Common?

Adele Peters

Click on any food in this flavor map, and you'll see which other foods have the most flavors in common. The bigger the dot, the more related foods something has. Some are sort of surprising (wheat bread and roast beef?). Researchers found that, at least in Western cuisine, chefs tend to pair up foods that share flavor compounds, so maybe there are some inspirations for new dishes here.

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  • Taylor SeidelTaylor Seidel

    This is really cool! I love how the cheeses are all clumped together (that's where you'd find me!). And how weird is it that cinnimon and cocoa are right next to bell peppers and mushrooms? I'm going to think a lot harder about the flavors the next time I eat and maybe try some new combos. Thanks for the post!