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    Hannah Wasserman

For Doers: Times When We've Won

David Brier

Anything that lessens your expansion and your desire for greatness is not your friend, no matter how “logical” it may seem. This applies as much to “helpful people” as it does to “logical ideas” that suck the life out of you.

If it doesn’t empower your aspirations, then there’s something wrong with that idea (or person) and not something wrong with you.

Fact is, there’s never been anything wrong with reaching.... (read the whole post)

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  • Ben GoldhirshBen Goldhirsh

    i really like this post, David. It's weird how one's sense of self a) is often independent of surrounding variables, and b) the most important variable in effecting one's surrounding. Also interesting to know what helps one up vs. pulls one down - and i agree that it might be people or ideas or products that move one in either direction. I've lately been looking at how to get ahead of my day. If I get up a bit after things in my house get going, then I'm behind and shook. If I can prepare the night before, and get up 30 minutes earlier, and get the jump as everyone else in the house starts waking, it shifts the whole day, thus me, and thus hopefully surrounding variables. Anyhow, eager to hear if you (or anyone else) tried or experienced any tactics that delivered on this front.

    • David BrierDavid Brier

      Thanks for comment Ben.

      I recently evaluated that for myself as well.

      My successful conclusions are:
      1. Don't work with people/clients that feel wrong (a poor match).
      2. I used to check emails first thing when I woke up. I now get up and don't check emails for three hours but handle other issues first, things I cause, things I impact, rather than "always staying connected"
      3. I write a daily line-up every night and then know that that is the BASELINE (minimum), not the end. Makes a BIG difference.

      Those are my actions that have helped a lot.