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    Peace seeker Geori Berman


  • pilar saura

    I completed my definition of MacroEmpathy: I added that MacroEmpathy is a branch of Design (as MacroEconomy is a branch of Economics...)

    In my opinion, totally fair, since designers are fostering empathy in their every day professional practice.

    Check out my concept "EmpathicBrands" from the #EndAtrocity on @OpenIDEO


  • Lindsey Smith

    This definition is super interesting! I love how you noted your definition on macroempathy - especially leading to a truly empathic and human-centered world. How do we use this definition to change the world? How do we implement macroempathy into society's vocab?

    • pilar saura

      Thank you Lindsey!

      In my opinion MacroEmpathy would be possible by transforming organizations and professional practice from within, by people creating value that would benefit the community. These empathic-flow would also create a foundation and framework for people to share what is valuable for them and their community and for the company too.

      MacroEmpathy as a sum of empathic communities might be a way to go.

      Any more ideas would be more than welcome!

      I mentioned you on my new post:
      The Search For Meaning In Professional Practice is Transforming Organizations From Within