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    Lindsay Huth Jonathan Hogeback Kimberley Fristed Paul Johnson Jen Chiou Hannah Wasserman Patrick McDonnell Zachary Slobig


  • Lindsey SmithLindsey Smith

    Yes, so cool! Hopefully by using their desk, the new creative will pick up best practices of the agency and then can incorporate into their business model.

  • Patrick McDonnellPatrick McDonnell

    Adele this is so good! I'm inspired! I'm going to reach out to a few orgs and see if they'd be interested to do this.

    • Adele PetersAdele Peters

      That's great. Are you interested in trying it out yourself? It seems like an amazing way to get to know a company.

      • Patrick McDonnellPatrick McDonnell

        I would do this in a heartbeat! I looked at the offices but didn't see anything in Dallas. I'll talk to some of my friends and see if they would clear out a desk for me for a week. This should be fun!