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From the Battlefield to Farm Fields


America needs one million new farmers; returning war veterans need jobs. Enter Ground Operations, the new documentary that follows vets who face a daunting transition back to civilian life. Working with soil, plants, and animals, veterans de-escalate from the high velocity of combat in a revitalizing natural setting. “I realized I could be a nurturer instead of a destroyer, and that was a significant realization for me,” says a Marine. Screening at The Hub LA, March 28.

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  • GladysGGladysG

    Wow, I can't wait, this seems like an uplifting bit of news in wartime.

  • Caryn BossonCaryn Bosson

    This is a film that should be seen by everyone who cares about veterans and organic farming.

  • TreePeopleTreePeople

    I have had the total pleasure of seeing this film, and it is such an inspiring solution. What could be better for our country, our farms, our farmers, and our veterans? I highly recommend it.