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  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    This is AWESOME. Are you a part of this? If so you should fill out your profile with deets about yourself. If not, you should still fill us in about who you are with an about me, pic, twitter and/or website.

  • Jen Shima

    One Street, the organization that partnered with Ride 4 A Woman is really interesting. Empowering women through bicycle ownership and service is a fascinating concept. There are so many ways that introducing a single entity- livestock or tools with Heifer and other organizations, can radically shift quality of life and even local culture. I'm interested learning more about the impact that this kind of giving and influence has in comparison with organizations like GiveDirectly that let the recipients decide how the money is best spent. I think that empowering people to contribute to their economies through the provision of services is so compelling.