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Goodbye Sticky Labels for Fruit, Hello Banana Tattoos

Adele Peters

The European Union has approved new tech that tattoos labels onto fruit, replacing the little stickers that are all over produce at most grocery stores. While getting rid of stickers seems like a decent idea, does fruit really need to be labeled at all? The laser-etched designs are made with iron oxides and other materials previously banned by the EU, and many of the samples show logos printed on the fruit, rather than truly critical info.

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  • Elsie EMC

    I have never understand why they put stickers on fruits and vegetables. Is totally useless.

    • Ovi Hentea

      'These lasered marks can contain barcodes or fruit information and could be used to replace sticky labels'

  • Hannah Kim

    This is so interesting- I can't imagine eating fruit with laser-etched designs instead of stickers. I agree with a lot of the people commenting on the article- I don't think we really need labels on our fruit at all- especially if it comes at the cost of our health. I'm not sure if this is really a beneficial change.

    • Ovi Hentea

      "The EU ruling applies to lasering citrus fruits, such as oranges (pictured), melons and pomegranates." - unless you're biting straight into your orange, rind and all, you wouldn't be eating the etching.

  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    Those tattoos look like crop circles. That would make sense if aliens existed! Jokes aside, I wonder if farmers use those symbols to identify their bounty?

    • Ovi Hentea

      "Retailers and suppliers can use the 'tattoos' to mark the fruit and track where it has been and where it is sold." Perhaps it's not as granular as the individual farmer, but at least you know the country!