Think this is good?

Think this is good?

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  • Vast ShadowVast Shadow

    New York has wind? I find that funny though... New York borrows so much money from the government and never pays it back. Yet they have one of the highest populations on Earth, city wise. The actual reason New York canceled their Wind power was from how much debt they are in with the Government.

    New York will sometime in the 20+ year future have Wind Turbines on their bay and off the coast of their city. That is where you would see Wind Turbines when New York adopts them. That is also another reason New York also put it off for it is a new motive to place a Wind turbine off the coast and very risky. New York is an odd ball for renewable energy as they... Haven't enough ground for solar panels and no wind in the city. Conceptions of blimps that collect Solar power and off Shore Wind Turbines is all New York could really do.