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Home Depot sheds light on bulb adoption

Jasmine Bennett

As technology advances, energy-efficient bulbs continue to grow in popularity. In turn, bulb prices are dropping. In 2013, well-known bulb manufacturers Cree and Philips introduced affordable LED 60-watt replacement bulbs – helping to ensure LED’s place at the forefront of bulb technology’s future.

The Home Depot combined its U.S. store sales numbers with 2010 Census data for a per capita look at which areas of the country are the top adopters of LED and compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs.

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  • Ben Goldhirsh

    that is so awesome, and not crazy surprising. it would be interesting how this map would look if it was colored based on a per/capita function and in turn you could see if rural areas were adopting at some pace despite overall scale. that said, it's weird/sad/not surprising (and that's the saddest part) that this map largely correlates with cities known for left leaning politics - as if logic has a political bent - shucks.