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How Pintrest is Killing Feminism

Yasha Wallin

1 in 5 women over the age of 18 who regularly use the internet is on Pinterest, which had an estimated 23 million users users as of July. But the site's popularity highlights an uncomfortable reality: Pinterest's user-generated content, which overwhelmingly emphasizes recipes, home decor, and fashion tips, feels like a reminder that women still seek out the retrograde, materialistic content that women's magazines have been hawking for decades — and that the internet was supposed to overcome.

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4 people think this is good

    Lindsay Indermill Marcus F Shauna Nep elizajsanchez

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  • gropgrumgropgrum

    I can see this. I don't think feminism and cooking, fashion, homemaking are mutually exclusive, however I don't think any format that feeds female uber-consumerism and fake lifestyle tunnel vision is particularly positive either. Rather than have an imaginary cache of prettiest home ideas and fluffiest sweaters as "inspiration" why not mix it up and really elevate and inform each-other. Maybe I am not the best person to talk about this. I'm the kind of Leslie Knope style nerd who would fill a pinterest with Benazir Bhutto snapshots and Louise Bourgeois art.

  • Anna SilvermanAnna Silverman

    How does cooking, home decor or fashion kill feminism? Can't women have hobbies and interests, while also being strong and successful?

    • Emily Pasnak-LapchickEmily Pasnak-Lapchick

      I agree - I LOVE food, and I LOVE to cook - and I don't think those aspects of my lifestyle send me backwards in time.