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    Grant Garrison Juana Colon

How President Obama’s campaign used big data to rally individual voters.

Maria Redin

The Obama 2012 campaign used data analytics and the experimental method to assemble a winning coalition vote by vote. In doing so, it overturned the long dominance of TV advertising in U.S. politics and created something new in the world: a national campaign run like a local ward election, where the interests of individual voters were known and addressed.

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  • Grant Garrison

    Thank goodness someone finally tested the value of data-driven community organizing vs. big TV ads and found the hunches of so many of us turned out true: the media-industrial complex that drove that prioritization for so long and made so many Mark Penn types rich was wrong and immoral. I hope this lesson outlasts Obama's two terms, particularly if Hillary (whose 2008 campaign was really sunk by Mark Penn-ness) runs (which I sure hope she does!).