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How Sharing a Sketchbook with a 4-Year-Old Unlocked a World of Imagination

Shári G. Lynch

Sharing a sketchbook is very difficult for an artist, but unlocking endless imagination when collaborating on a piece of art with your child makes it all worthwhile. This incredible artist helps us realize the inspiration our children can provide, if we let them into our world and listen when they say "let go..."

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  • Rodrigo Mejia

    The effect is both hilarious and very honest. It reminds me of telling a story with a kid, where you carefully setup each event, each branch of plot, and they punch in some odd direction like "and then she finds out she can fly but only when she sees whales!" It's so infinitely imaginative and perfect every time. I look forward to sharing something like your sketchbook sometime in the future.

  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    These are absolutely amazing. I would love to see them in a children's book. They're whimsical and remind me a lot of the creativity of Eric Carle.