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    I totally agree with this. I had an amazing professor last semester- who taught me and my class to questions and think- this experience made me realize how I've been cheated by primary education that was focused on content/quantity and standardized testing. Knowing a lot of 'stuff' doesn't make you intelligent- teaching someone to question, to think for themselves, to create--- these are infinitely more valuable skills and can't easily be quantified by a scantron test. I hate how we are trying to squeeze students through this cookie cutter, and if they don't fit, they're just kicked to the curb. I know so many intelligent students who, according to the system and tests, are 'below average' and failing- yet they have amazing potential, intelligence and skills. By forcing standardization on something that should be diverse (our minds) we are doing great harm to our society and our students. Your post reminded me of this amazing post that questions what would happen if we focused on DIVERSITY for education:


    cute cat graphics and great message :)