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How Tesla Protects The Romance Of Driving While Disrupting The Industry

Agus Echague

It's one thing to design a car. It's another to create the first vehicle for a brand founded on the goal of making electric cars sexy, mainstream, and a threat to the rest of the automobile industry.
"What I wanted to create was a moth to a flame," he said. "Emotional engagement that draws you in...and you don't really know why."
This article is an ode to the power of design in bringing to life a brand, changing perceptions and improving usability.
Hell yeah to Tesla & von Holzhausen!

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  • Carolyn Sams

    Wow, so great to see all the different things they considered, I had no idea! In the age of Kickstarter and small start-ups, it's inspiring to see big big projects still happening and the massive teams of people behind them.

  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    I love the idea of a Back-to-the-Future-type car. While I think connecting people to a brand via style and design is important, I think they should also stress the environmental impacts too.

    • Agus Echague

      Ah! But that's exactly what I find brilliant about it! Tesla is already known for being environmentally friendly, so instead of building on a benefit that's strong, they build OTHER attributes that can only strengthen their proposition!

      • Alessandra Rizzotti

        You totally have a point. Making environmentally friendly tech look sexy...