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  • Hannah KimHannah Kim

    Great article! Thank you for sharing.
    I recently posed a question to the Good community to tap into our resources and would love your feedback :
    Even if you're not a vegetarian I've noticed that you've been posting a lot of inspirational/self-help content and I think becoming vegetarian is more than just your physical choices- it has a lot to do with your mentalities- and of course sticking to anything requires mental strength.

      • Vincent NguyenVincent Nguyen

        Hey, Hannah. Thanks for sharing this with me. I honestly have no idea about vegetarianism so I have no suggestions or anything, but I can definitely provide feedback and my personal opinion on the subject of the mentality it takes.

        It definitely takes a lot of self-restraint and dedication for someone who is converting. Someone who was raised in the culture will obviously have an infinitely easier time with living like that than someone (like me) who has eaten meat all his or her life.

        I would argue that you can even implement the first strategy I outlined in my article. The calendar method can be used to cross each day you successfully avoided eating meat. When you're tempted by meat, how good are you about walking away from it? Those are all tough things that take a lot of mental strength, just like you said. :)