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How to Build a Climate for Creativity

Tanner C

From the Huffington Post, Meghan Keener shares tips and insights for creating a creativity climate for your work or classroom.

1. Positive interpersonal exchange
2. Intellectual stimulation
3. Challenge
4. Flexibility and risk-taking
5. Top management support
6. Positive supervisory relationships
7. Positive peer group
8. Mission clarity
9. Organizational integration
10. Participation
11. Product emphasis
12. Reward orientation
13. Resources
14. Autonomy

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  • Megan McCullerMegan McCuller

    More focus is needed on experiential, hands-on learning environments and less on lecture-based cookie-cutter classrooms. While the latter has its own advantages, the former allows individuals to develop critical thinking skills and see that everyone IS unique and approaches problem solving and learning in different ways. Thanks for the article!

  • Ben GoldhirshBen Goldhirsh

    this is awesome to see outlined. now the hard part of putting that all together.

  • Kris GiereKris Giere

    This topic is so very important. I hope more people begin to take advantage of building a creative environment.