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How to Design Our Neighborhoods for Happiness

Emily Pasnak-Lapchick

The way we design our communities plays a huge role in how we experience our lives. One notable solution being put into practice to combat the shrinking sense of community is New Urbanism, an architectural movement to build communities by maximizing opportunities for social exchange: public plazas, front porches, corner stores, neighborhood schools, and sidewalks. But we still spend most of our time at home, which today means seeing no one other than our family. How could we widen that circle?

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  • Gina KimGina Kim

    Thanks for sharing this. I love the idea of having more of "the commons" in neighborhoods.

  • Jackie RamirezJackie Ramirez

    Fantastic share Emily! I can definitely see the how parents would be more at ease to let their children play outside when living in these grouped households. This then builds civic engagement within their neighborhoods which in turn can lead to working together to transform their community into a healthy community.