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How To: Help People Help People


First, choose a topic and write down everything you know about it. Second, no, you cannot choose the topic "how to watch television." Third, cut 60% of what you wrote. We need to be concise here. Do you know what people's attention spans are like? Nice shoes. Where was I? Fourth, throw it into a nice design. Fifth, publish it, like these brochures by Impact Detroit for non-profit and community organizations.

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  • Aryon Hopkins

    I echo Adele's comment below about the resources being limited to print. It would be helpful for an organization to open source the templates and expand them into a responsive web format. If the instructions and process are universal all the user would have to do is input their local resources and contact information.

    I'll reach out to the original creators to see if this is possible.

  • Adele Peters

    It's interesting that this was designed for print rather than as an online or mobile tool—I'm curious why. (Not saying it's a bad thing...I actually often prefer old-school physical tools to digital, and it obviously increases access for those who aren't online).

  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    I love this. What a creative way to engage nonprofits and small business owners. People love visuals. Have you seen our awesome infographics? I think they're a great way to process interesting info: good.is/good-infographics