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How to Travel Solo


...I had a few weeks off and wanted to make it over to Italy but couldn’t find a travel buddy to tag along. I never envisioned myself actually traveling alone. I am directionally challenged with an added mix of social awkwardness. So overall, completely incongruent with the qualities I associated with solo travelers.

Here are some insights that I’ve gained from this experience that I hope will be of use to anyone out there that decides to travel solo:

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1 person thinks this is good

    Hannah Kim jp.bervoets

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  • Hannah KimHannah Kim

    What an interesting post! I think sometimes we are scared of being alone and always feel the need to be surrounded by a comfortable bubble- with people we know and streets we walk every day- or at least google maps on our Iphones to help us on the occasions we get lost. Reading your post makes me inspired to travel alone! I too am directionally challenged, but I think it will be still be an awesome experience.

    What are some great places to travel alone?