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Howitcouldbedifferent.org - a website I founded to collect social change ideas in one place


Howitcouldbedifferent.org where one can easily see, vote on, comment on, share, and suggest current, innovative ideas in different categories. The site can be thought of as a "Wikipedia for ideas" or a "democratic TED" that features both ideas from the world (TED, think tanks, articles, research papers) and from our community. I thought it was difficult to see and learn what were the best ideas for change in one place, so I helped to create this site and would love for anyone to become involved.

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    We are also available and posting an "Idea of the Day" on


    Thanks and we hope this site can become a resource for you and a place that spreads good ideas! Please contact us about any suggestions, if there are any ideas/organizations you would like to be featured on the site, or if there is anyway we could collaborate with your organization.