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Invisible Dog Owners Help Pets Get Adopted

Adele Peters

Here's one way to help shelter dogs find new homes: make them stand out on the street. A Mexican pet store used some DIY craft skills to make leashes that look like they're attached to an invisible dog owner, then took the dogs out for a street campaign in the city. Info attached to the dogs' collars explained how they could be adopted, and more than 200 found new homes. (No word on how they kept the wandering dogs from getting lost during the campaign...).

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  • Mali PhelpsMali Phelps

    This is the most sweetest and effective way of advertising the dogs that need to be adopted! I just hope that when left unattended the dogs weren't lost or hurt

    • Adele PetersAdele Peters

      I know, I wondered the same thing...I'm guessing they were probably pretty closely supervised while they were out!

      • .hj barraza.hj barraza

        It's an amazingly creative campaign! Kudos for the agency.
        Sadly, the company +kota has a wildly known history of animal cruelty.

        It wouldn't come as a surprise if they just left them to wander, since most of them are adult dogs and are less likely to get adopted.

        On the bright side, they say they got 200+ pets adopted?
        Thats some good news