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iPads in the Classroom: It’s a tool, not just a toy


At DonorsChoose.org we have noticed a recent trend in technology-based project requests. Teachers recognize that we live in an age of information and are excited to bring items such as iPads, laptops, iPods, and Kindles into their classrooms. Eric Crouch of Columbus, GA created a video about how he uses iPads to engage his first grade students. Take a peek into Mr. Crouch’s classroom as he discusses the benefits of learning through iPads.

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  • Ainslie Beattie

    But..... where was the interaction between the kids, or between you and the kids. All the kids had earphones in and they were essentially isolated - not learning from their community of peers. I really agree that iPads can be great tools and kids can advance quickly - however, social interaction and community building are really important cornerstones of society - if we don't teach kids in an open environment where their creative problem solving skills are tested in everything from writing, math, drawing, working out issues with friends and teachers, as well as being able to develop technology based skill-sets, then we are further encouraging the 'me' generation.