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  • Jeff Nelder

    This is the first time I've seen exercise equipment in a parklet as well- but if people use parks for exercise, it seems fair to me that some parklet space is set aside for this purpose. It does seem like chin up bars or other equipment that a jogger might use is more appropriate.

  • Hillary Newman

    Considering LA has so much car culture, it's great to see the city putting resources behind the sidewalk. In a place like downtown LA, which can only benefit from getting more people out and about (and out of their cars), this is a big win for the pedestrian.

  • Diana Ahrens

    So cool. Having been in SF during the completion of some of the Pavement to Parks projects, I'm a big fan. Personally I think the seating areas and planters are nicer than the exercise equipment, but still...awesome.

    • Casey Caplowe

      True. The exercise equipment seems really ridiculous, and awkward to use right there off the edge of a sidewalk—in front of a shop or restaurant—but hey, we're trying.