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Legal Cuts: Clippers & Counsel Under One Roof


“Traditional law offices can be intimidating, but folks are comfortable sharing their problems with a barber,” says Donald Howard, the 32-year-old attorney-coiffeur who opened a combination barber shop and law office in New Britain, Connecticut this past spring.

Read about what prompted him to become a hybrid business entrepreneur right out of law school, and what he hopes Legal Cuts will become to his community.

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  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    I LOVE this creative business model- combining the art of haircutting with law. I wonder what his clientele is like?

      • Sean Johnson

        Such a cool concept. I think there is so much potential is this type of a model - one that really immerses itself in the community.

        Has anyone seen it applied outside of law?

          • Sean Johnson

            That's a phenomenal combination, I'd be excited to see the kinds of things they come up with. Thanks for sharing. I have a feeling the hybrid concept will begin to pop up more and more in the future.