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Lessons in Creative Thinking from Disability Services

Ben Weinlick

An area that deeply needs creativity and innovation is the social sector. Coming from an art and design background and then diving into the social sector about 15 years ago I've been working on ways to bring focused creative problem solving and design thinking to my field. This article is a summary of my graduate research where we shook up habits and experimented with ways to help a disability service organization to think differently about their work and get better quality results.

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  • Adele Peters

    Thanks for sharing this. I really like your point about meaningful change being more determined by attitude and approach than the particular field someone is in...so true. Just because an organization has a strong mission doesn't mean they're carrying out really effective work....

    • Ben Weinlick

      Thanks Adele for seeing that and taking the time comment. Yeah, took me a while of making mistakes, and taking myself too seriously to realize that one can bring some good into the world through many different mediums. All the best. ; )