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Lessons in Natural Tea Farming in Bihar, India

Elyse Petersen

This past weekend my friend Elizabeth Ray visited Rajiv Lochan and his family in Bihar, India. Bihar is home to one of the youngest and most innovative tea gardens in India that passionately employs natural practices. It is truly a sustainable operation.

The farm is not certified organic or fairtrade, but would you still drink the tea knowing that the workers and environment are treated fairly? Certifications are costly and often reserved for larger corporate farms.

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        • Elyse Petersen

          You refer to Todd's post, I am actually good friends with Todd. We have big dreams of what we can do to inspire change in the world's food systems. We will definitely be collaborating as we scale our solutions and bring together our networks. GOOD is a platform to start doing that!

          • Alessandra Rizzotti

            Woah that's so great to know! Thanks for sharing. How do you guys know each other? That's probably a personal question, so please feel free to email me!

            • Elyse Petersen

              We know each other through a mutual friend Victor who organized the Leap Year Project. We only met twice on the recommendation of Victor while I was passing through Chicago, but it was a naturally synergistic connection