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  • Terri Hammer

    I love libraries with coffee shops. It's the perfect combination of two of my favorite things.

  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    I agree with this cathedral sentiment. My father who is in his 70s goes to his library every day, to read. It's a ritual. I think people sometimes lose touch with the importance of spaces outside their living quarters. Libraries are places to learn, meet other readers, and expand possibilities. Something I like in the Salem library in Massachusetts is it has conference rooms where people can do study groups, as well as research rooms where people can dig into encyclopedias.

    • Kate Andrews

      Alessandra, that's a fantastic insight. My father is similar. Would you share a comment on our original article - I'd love for our readers to hear about your experience.

  • Ben Goldhirsh

    Thank for sharing. This is such a big deal - with the potential to be so well executed or quietly fall from opportunity. Space is so critical in the increasingly virtual dynamic. And space that is imbued with certain values and intentions even more so. Have you seen the movement around libraries as both maker spaces and incubators?

    • Kate Andrews

      Thanks Ben. I totally agree - physical space is crucial. Please do share a few of the projects you're thinking of. Kate