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  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    We definitely love crowdfunding and crowdsourcing here at GOOD. We do our best to get the word out about many projects. Actually, we work with Breanna of Indiegogo to find projects to support (she's featured in the article you linked). Follow her here: http://www.good.is/members/bremarie. And, if you're ever interested in supporting crowdfunding projects, check out good.is/push-for-good -- it's our guide to crowdsourcing creative progress! We actually are pretty proud we featured stories from some of the projects that article mentions- like the mosquito patch and Black Girls Code: http://www.good.is/posts/helping-girls-of-color-smash-the-digital-divide

    • Steven Cornish

      Thanks for the comments. I know Bre and talked about my project with her. She's been very helpful. I will start following her. I will be first releasing my documentary “Waste of Opportunity”, will premier on November 6th to showcase the tremendous opportunity to assist in helping the Zambian community with the solid waste management issue. Can't wait to share!