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    Rob Campanile

Metro Red Line celebrates 20 years in Los Angeles

Climate Resolve

As the youngest subway line in the country, LA's metro red line celebrates its 20th birthday.

"The subway put transit back on the map in L.A., and was both an engineering marvel and mammoth undertaking.

Overall, the subway’s construction spurred L.A.’s economy by generating at least 100,000 direct and indirect jobs, turbocharged Metro ridership by bringing more people into the system and began the transformation"

20 years later, how do you get around Los Angeles?

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  • Rob CampanileRob Campanile

    Kinda jazzed about the Expo line extension...I live at National & Palms. Although construction outside my apt building is getting a little crazy it will be cool once the new station opens up and I can literally walk out my front door and take the train downtown!

    • Climate ResolveClimate Resolve

      The growing pains of a blooming transportation system can sure be rough, but we're convinced it will be worth it in the end.

      Hang in there, Rob!