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Nicholas Kristof: Why Let the Rich Hoard All the Toys

Mariah Prescott

Interesting favorite fact from the article: "A study published last year by scholars from Harvard Business School and Duke University asked Americans which country they would rather live in — one with America’s wealth distribution or one with Sweden’s. But they weren’t labeled Sweden and America. It turned out that more than 90 percent of Americans preferred to live in a country with the Swedish distribution."

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  • Hannah Wasserman

    Thanks for sharing, Mariah. It is so interesting how many Americans are oblivious to the amount of inequality in this country. The Occupy movement worked to expose this issue but I think they went about it in a "them vs us" way-- which alienates the top 1%, who, like it or not, possess a lot of clout. I think it might be better to talk about the economic implications of inequality, thus getting some people in power on-board.