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  • Rodrigo Mejia

    I remember reading a while back in Wired that outside of cutting the corners of our ethic, the permanence of data is restricting us from forgetting. We need to forget to move forward. Just an interesting little bit.

    To your question, I do think it's making us lazier, but not because we're poor library researchers or conversationalists, but because so many of us don't know how to use the machines we're typing into.

    It's like hunting game. Using a rifle doesn't make me lazier than someone trained to run miles to exhaust a deer and stick an arrow through it. A rifle provides many more options. But until I learn to use it effectively, it's not of much use.

    It's on us, as users, to learn and master the tools provided to us. If Chomsky is saying immediacy breeds a shortening of focus or quality, I'd say it frees us to pursue an unknown number of types of interactions and research. And, again, it's on us to find something that works.